Problems Sleeping? Check-in with Your Doctor First


January 10, 2024 3 MIN READ


Problems Sleeping? Check-in with Your Doctor First

Talking to your doctor about sleep issues is an essential first step. While we recognize the majority of people endure insomnia due to significant stress and anxiety, other health conditions, undiagnosed sleep disorders, certain medications, and other physical factors are all relevant when understanding and diagnosing your sleep issue.

Why Is Talking with Your Doctor Is a Good Idea

Speaking with your primary physician regarding such issues is essential to ensure you address the right problem when tackling your sleep challenges.

Typically, your doctor will ask you numerous questions regarding your sleep habits and environment. They will gather all the information necessary to rule out any health issues or undiagnosed sleep disorders as the source of your disturbed sleep. They will review your current medications to assess any potential sources for your sleep issues.

The majority of people dealing with insomnia will benefit significantly by addressing their bedtime routines and sleep hygiene once their doctor finds no medical issues. However, if addressing your bedtime routine and sleep hygiene doesn’t improve your sleep then you are most likely caught in what we call the “sleep paradox.” Sleep Science Academy specializes in difficult insomnia cases.

What is Chronic Insomnia?

If you are experiencing sleep disruptions three or more nights per week for more than three months, you match the diagnosis of chronic insomnia. And you don’t need us to tell you how much this lack of quality sleep impacts your daily life.

Along with difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and lack of energy, sleep deprivation sets you up for an increased risk of some long-term diseases like:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

Sleep Medications. Are they the answer?

Often, the first thing a doctor will suggest is a prescription for a sleeping medication. Although there is a time and place for medication they do not address the underlying root causes of insomnia. Whether over-the-counter or prescription, these compounds also present some significant side effects, can be habit-forming, and eventually may require escalating dosages to achieve the same effect. To be frank sleeping medication is a band-aid and they eventually stop working.

Again, there is a time and a place for these medications, but they can only address the symptoms and will do nothing to eliminate the root cause of your insomnia.

Your doctor may also refer you to a Sleep Study Center for a Sleep test. A specially trained sleep doctor will monitor your sleeping habits overnight in a controlled facility to evaluate your condition further for a more complete diagnosis. These sleep studies are meant to diagnose sleep apnea and do little to help those suffering from chronic insomnia.

The special equipment, protocols, and staff at a Sleep Study Center have the training and expertise to diagnose in-depth and identify potential sleep disorders like sleep apnea however don’t offer solutions for chronic insomnia.

Natural Insomnia Remedy – No Pills Required

The majority of people suffering from chronic insomnia also experience elevated levels of stress and anxiety; Ultimately, your goal is to gain peaceful, restorative rest on a nightly basis and leave your sleepless nights in the past.

Barring any medical basis, your doctor will often refer you to a proven, successful sleep program like Sleep Science Academy so you can get the support and coaching necessary to relieve the root cause of your sleep challenge (stress and anxiety).

Fortunately, most enduring sleepless nights can benefit significantly by addressing their relationship to sleep, changing sleep habits, and addressing our sleep environment. Navigating this process with the help of a trained sleep coach with the experience and training like that of our certified holistic health/sleep coaches at Sleep Science Academy dramatically increases the likelihood of your success.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem strange that a coaching service like Sleep Science Academy would recommend speaking with your doctor first you must rule out any potential physical reasons you may not be able to sleep. After speaking with thousands of individuals with chronic insomnia we have discovered that 95% of those suffering from chronic insomnia believe they are broken and it’s a physical reason for their insomnia but no matter how many doctors they see or medical tests they run the results tell them it’s more psychological. At Sleep Science Academy, our focus is on shifting your relationship, perceptions, and beliefs about why you are not sleeping which results in sleep happening naturally.

If you are still unsure about which path to take, we will gladly discuss what you are experiencing and coach you to make your best choices to ensure successful treatment of your sleep challenge. Our Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR) program is the most successful natural insomnia remedy available, with a success rate of 97%.

Each client works directly with their certified holistic health/sleep coach, who craft a plan to fit their specific needs and lifestyle from our extensive list of proven methods and techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), mindfulness practices, and many more.

The Sleep Science Academy Difference sets us apart from the rest and provides more people with natural insomnia relief than any other online program. Contact us today and schedule your complimentary sleep consultation and leave those sleepless nights in the past.