Solve Your Insomnia With Science

Using Personalized Sleep Coaching, Technology & Online Sleep Education With Devin Burke

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Solve Your Insomnia With Science

Using Personalized Sleep Coaching, Technology & Online Sleep Education With Devin Burke

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The New Strategy That’s Eliminating Insomnia With Science

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“Devin Burke is leading a sleep revolution with his innovative, medication-free strategy for eliminating insomnia” – USA Today

Highly Effective Natural Insomnia Solution

We pair proven methods backed by science with the most cutting-edge sleep technology to help you understand your sleep at a deep holistic level.

Start Sleeping At Night, Stop Suffering During the Day


No more sleep anxiety

We Eliminate “Bed Dread“

Discover how to deal with all the unhelpful thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and urges that show up when you can’t sleep so that you can start sleeping as soon as possible.

No more tossing and turning all night

We Reset Your Body’s Sleep System

Learn how to retrain your mind and body that bed equals sleep and nothing else. Our proprietary step-by-step process will help you retrain your body and mind.

No more waking up tired and exhausted

We Increase Your Sleep Quality

We help you wake up feeling refreshed by leveraging the world’s most advanced sleep tracking technology so you not only feel the difference you can see it.

No more trying different pills or potions

Medication-Free Sleep Solution

Sleeping pills are addictive and dangerous. Through our online sleep education and expert sleep coaching, you’ll learn how to retrain your body to do what it was naturally designed to do… sleep.

Changing Lives, One Night At A Time

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

“I struggled every night to sleep. I was trying to force and control my sleep and even when I did sleep I would feel tired the next day. I tried medicine and medication to help me sleep, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. It wasn’t consistent and left me feeling tired the next day. Now, I’m not afraid of sleep. I don’t think about it, it just happens naturally. This program helps you understand why sleep isn’t happening. Now I have energy every day and I’m not afraid of sleep anymore. I don’t think about it during the daytime. SSA is for everyone! I solved my problem of being afraid of sleep and now I sleep consistently.”


“Each night I would get into bed with bed dread. Most nights I didn’t sleep well. It was bad enough to make me commit to doing the program! I started taking medication, gummies and supplements but didn’t feel rested when I woke up. These things weren’t addressing the problem because it was just addressing the physical piece and not the mental piece. Now my sleep is amazing! I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. It’s night and day to how I was sleeping prior. I feel healthier physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. My experience working with SSA was amazing. I loved the work and the videos. Everything was concise and so well done. I cannot say enough good things about SSA. It was worth every single penny and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”


“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was a struggle and at times non-existent. I’d go 2-3 days with no sleep. I went the herbal route, tried teas, changing up my room, breathing, supplements, but at the end of the day none of that helped. Now, my sleep isn’t the struggle it was before. I tend to get 7-8 hours a night, sometimes 9. There are still those days were I might sleep less than that, but the program teaches that those days will happen, and I can continue on the path of improvement. This program has enabled me to have that range of sleep that I didn’t have before. I’m just happy I’ve been a part of it! This program is for anyone who’s looking to get back to sleep, be open-minded and not so stubborn in their ways. SSA was very supportive with the resources they provide and the coaching which is what you want to have in a program like this. This program is for anyone who has ever felt hopeless with their sleep. You are not alone!”


“My sleep before SSA was non-existent. I’d sleep like 2 hours a night and wake up feeling drained. I tried sleeping pills, getting sleep tests done to see if there was a medical reason why I wasn’t sleeping. I tried PMR (progressive muscle relaxation), meditation techniques but nothing really worked for me because I had a lot of mental blocks related to anxiety and stress that were keeping me from sleeping. After working with SSA my sleep is WONDERFUL. It takes me 15 minutes to fall asleep, I’m not afraid to sleep away from my house and I don’t have any anxiety around my sleep anymore. Now there’s just peace in my life surrounding sleep. This program is designed for anyone! My experience with SSA was really positive. I loved the online aspect of it and the personal support from my sleep coach. Now I’m getting my life back. Go into it with an open mind because your mind is the biggest block.”


“My sleep was getting pretty bad. Many nights I never went to sleep and eventually got up, or wouldn’t fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. I tried melatonin, I was trying to see a psychologist but I couldn’t get in for 3 months at least, I couldn’t take medication and finally found Sleep Science Academy, finally found something that worked. My experience with SSA was amazing. The coaches are great, sensitive and have a real passion for helping people. Now that I’m sleeping more I have more energy and I’m not as cranky! SSA is the best option out there that I know of. It’s worth your time to go through the program.”


My sleep was very poor for years. I struggled to fall asleep and I struggled to stay asleep. I tried prescription medication, lifestyle and diet changes but nothing really seemed to help. They were just addressing the symptoms and not the root cause. SSA helped me to see that the root cause was uncontrolled anxiety and lack of acceptance. Now my sleep has substantially improved! I can’t remember the last time I slept this well. I feel refreshed, in control of my mental and physical health. I feel more in control of my anxiety and depression, have better relationships with my coworkers and my wife. Now I’m not even thinking about sleep. Working with SSA was an incredible experience. The tele-health option was great because of my busy schedule. This program is designed for anyone who is struggling with sleep and wants to get better sleep at any stage of their life. 10 out of 10! A+!


My sleep was filled with anxiety and dread during the day and while getting into bed. I’d wake up 5 times a night and it would take hours to fall asleep. I tried supplements, good sleep hygiene, I even got blood work from the doctor. But it was what was in my head that was causing my sleep issues, and nothing was going to change that except for altering my thoughts around that. Now I’m not thinking about sleep. It’s peaceful and consistent. I’m less anxious in general and have more restful nights. SSA was helpful and professional and gave me aspects that I can apply to other aread of my life. It changed my overall wellness. If you’re willing to put in the work to fix your sleep, this program is for you.


“I struggled with this insomnia pattern the last 4 years and my sleep was really rough. I was desperate looking for something else that would help. I tried medication, melatonin, eye mask, ear plugs, I tried everything. The other things didn’t work because this was a mindset problem. The other things weren’t getting to the root of the problem. Now my sleep is way better. It just clicked for me and my sleep has completely changed. It’s nice to feel energized during the day and not worry about what my sleep will be like that night. My experience with SSA was great! This program is designed for really, anybody who’s experiencing insomnia. Forget what you’ve tried in the past and have faith that this could work. Everything will be ok I promise!”


“My sleep was not great and very inconsistent. I woke up a lot and it was frustrating. I tried many many things before joining Sleep Science Academy. I tried natural remedies, medication, exercise, meditation and all those types of things but nothing seemed to really work. The other things I tried didn’t work because they weren’t addressing the mental aspect. My sleep now is much more consistent, I’m sleeping more hours and feeling better overall. Now I’m more relaxed, less quick to frustration and just happier! I loved working with SSA and would do it all over again. Give yourself a break! There is help out there. I would absolutely recommend Sleep Science Academy.”


“I’ve had trouble sleeping for 20 years and before joining the program was averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I tried everything. Meditation, different types of exercises, supplements, melatonin, reading books, taking courses and listening to podcasts. I did everything on the planet, was hopeless and at the end of my rope. All of these things I tried didn’t work because it was a bandaid and wasn’t getting to the root of the problem. SSA’s whole course is about getting to the root of the problem. It’s a very small investment for a huge potential outcome. I would tell everyone on the planet they should do this! I noticed a difference in my sleep after a week working in the program. This course teaches a way of thinking that helps not only in sleep but in life in general. SSA is a really supportive community, has a beautiful curriculum and the coaches make up for a truly effective program. You could keep doing what you’re doing, or you could try this course! The sooner the better! This is the best money you’re ever going to spend in your life.”


“I had insomnia for about a decade and literally tried every treatment under the sun. I tried CBTi twice, a million different herbs, shamans, limiting sleep, I tried everything out there. The other things didn’t work because I was clinging so badly to them, wanting them to work, that they became a crutch. I wasn’t getting to the route healing that needed to happen. Now my sleep is enormously improved. I haven’t taken my sleep aids in 3 months and have had the best sleep of my life. Anyone who wants a long-term solution to their insomnia should try this program. This program has fundamentally changed my life. I didn’t think it was possible to get the kind of sleep that I’m getting [now]. It’s possible to heal from your insomnia.”


“joining Sleep Science Academy my sleep was very difficult. I was only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I tried supplements and meditation but wasn’t good at committing to them. This didn’t work because I wasn’t addressing the root cause of the issue, which was managing my work stress. Most nights now I’m sleeping through the night! Now that I’m sleeping, I can approach things with more sense of calm and thoughtfulness and much less reactionary. Now I have a better sense of work-life boundaries which cause me much less stress.”


“I was not sleeping well and was exhausted and drained all of the time. Before working with SSA I tried other expensive sleep programs, I worked with other coaches, tried therapy, sleeping pills, supplements and mindfulness. These things didn’t work because whenever I would start to make progress I would start to fall apart again. I would rebound and quit and try something new. SSA was what helped me stay on track and push through my issues! My sleep now is much better. Now I’m sleeping up to 7 hours and overall doing really well. I have energy, I have patience, I’m not irritable or cranky. I’m less anxious and more present. I’m a different person when I sleep. SSA knew how to keep me on track and help me recover. Anyone who isn’t sleeping well and wants to get better should try this program. Trust the coaches, push through the issues, stray on track, don’t give up! You’ll get there!”


“My sleep was pretty awful. I was up every night at 3 am in the morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. I tried a variety of different things including CBT, getting a new mattress and setting up my bedroom properly and I even tried sleep restriction. None of these things were addressing the root of the problem but Sleep Science Academy is good at getting to the actual issue. Now my sleep is consistent and 80-90% of my nights are good. I feel refreshed. This program is good for anyone wanting to improve their sleep or improve life challenges. Now I have more energy and am more present and engaged in my daily activities.”


“I would wake up multiple times during the night and not be able to fall back asleep and would only sleep 2-3 hours a night. After working with Sleep Science Academy, sleep just happens for me. I don’t have to think about it. I learned that my stress, anxiety and thoughts were the root cause of what was keeping me up. This program is for people who are struggling with negative thoughts around sleep. SSA improved every aspect of my life: my relationships, my energy, my fitness, my mindset. My experience with SSA was mind-opening and life-changing. Follow all the recommendations, have an open mind, stick with it, be patient and trust the process!”


“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was horrendous. I felt like I was mentally and physically shutting down. I went 5 nights straight with no sleeping and it caused a lot of issues for me. My sleep was poor and almost non-existent. I tried different medications and was just sitting and dwelling on all of my problems. The things I had tried didn’t work because it was a bandaid to the problem and I wasn’t working on my mindset. Sleep Science Academy helped me understand and learn different mindset strategies that I didn’t know about. My sleep has gotten so much better! I’m getting quality sleep, around 6-8 hours on average. Before I was lucky to get 2-4 hours. My social life has improved, it’s improved my mental and physical health and I feel like Courtney again. There is hope! The tools you’ll take from this you’ll be able to take and keep forever. It does work, just give it time. Sleep Science Academy changed the game for me completely.”


“I obsessively researched to try to fix my sleep. I tried taking medications to help me calm down, all the things to make my sleep environment perfect and all the relaxation things to try to help me sleep consistently. It didn’t work because the root of my problem was my mindset and fear. My sleep was super inconsistent, and I would go stretches of nights with no sleep. It was a huge stress and source of fear for me. Now, after working with Sleep Science Academy I can say I’m 100% confident in my body’s ability to fall and stay asleep. My bed is no longer a place of fear. After 3-4 weeks I started to see a lot of improvement in my sleep. By seven weeks I felt free. Sleep Science Academy didn’t just improve my sleep, it changed how I view my whole life. I’m able to enjoy my life again. I would pay double what I paid. I can’t say enough good things about it.”



successfully recover from insomnia


total decrease in time taken to fall to sleep


increase in total sleep time achieved per night

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