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We Address the Root Causes of Insomnia Which is Why…

Those Who Complete Our Program Experience:

97% of participants successful recovery from insomnia

No more sleep anxiety aka “bed dread”

Fall asleep faster (within half an hour)

Spends <20 minutes awake during the night (if at all)

✅ Enjoy 6-8 hours of refreshing sleep each night

Sleep Science Academy’s comprehensive and unique program educates and empowers clients to take action on both science-based cognitive and behavioral techniques shown to be effective for improving insomnia.

Clients can expect to make meaningful and lasting changes that will drastically improve their sleep, health and life.

Because these methods address the root causes of insomnia rather than just the symptoms they result in life-long sleep improvements.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Seeing is Believing…

Before Sleep Science Academy I was having extreme insomnia with several nights with getting NO SLEEP at all. After taking the program, I’m back to sleeping normally again and actually sleeping better than before. I saw results in the first few days of joining the program. The program is great it’s very very customized to the individual. It was everything I was hoping that it would be! My advice is to not wait to get the help you need. The price tag is really small to what you get in return. ”

Charles – Business Owner

“This program is designed for those who have tried everything and have struggled with insomnia and are ready to move on from the problem and find a lifelong solution. If you feel like you’ve tried everything you should do this program.”


“My sleep before the program was really unstable. I would toss and turn and some nights I wouldn’t sleep at all. My sleep was a complete mess. But within just the first week of starting the program and implementing the tools, I was able to sleep through the night and since then I’m sleeping great. My experience has been an absolutely success. I’m so grateful. Regaining my sleep has changed my life, as a mother, as a wife and as a person. I didn’t just get my sleep back, I got myself back!

Idel – Busy Mom and college student

“Before Sleep Science Academy I was very very dependent on taking sleep medication to sleep each night. I could not sleep without taking sleep medication and have been relying on a sedative for over 10 years. After taking the program, I’m now happy to share my sleep anxiety is gone and I’m completely sleeping medication-free and sleeping.”

Lina – Leadership Coach

“Before Sleep Science Academy I was very frustrated because I would be up between 1-3 hours a night. I thought I was stuck with being a poor sleeper for life. But now I sleep on average 7.5 hours a night. As a result of better sleep I have more energy, I’m much happier, more productive, and creative and I’m getting things done that I had put off for years. I never once questioned the investment I made in joining this program. The result is completely worth it!

Cheryl – Business Coach

“It’s not just the quantity of my sleep that has improved, I now wake up feeling actually feeling refreshed. This program is designed for anyone who is having trouble sleeping and is willing and open to finding a solution. Sleep Science Academy really does work. The program, support and tools are everything you need.”

Kristin – Coach + Mom

“I had terrible insomnia for years and hated going to bed because it was a constant reminder of my sleep issues. In the first week of the program, I started to experience results. After completing the program and finally being able to sleep… I would pay 3-4 times what I paid. I finally got my sleep back and can pursue my dreams once again. ”

Yesenia – Teacher

“I suffered from really bad insomnia for about 8 months. As many things as I tried to help me sleep nothing was working and I was very frustrated. After going through the program my sleep is now incredible. I’m now getting the amount of sleep I need and feel great!

Steve – Finacial Advisor

“Before working with Sleep Science Academy, I was getting a choppy 4-5 hours a sleep a night. After just two weeks of the program, my sleep began to improve. Now I’m getting a solid 7 hours of deep restorative sleep and I’m feeling great.

Obie – Business Owner

“I thought I tried everything… melatonin, Zzzquil, cold dark room etc. and nothing worked… but after just two weeks working with Sleep Science Academy, I was able to get and stay asleep almost every night.

Natassia – Marketing Strategist

I feel like I’ve experienced a miracle… I suffered from insomnia all my life. I had tried all different types of medications and natural sleep solutions and nothing worked. I had just about lost hope until I discovered Sleep Science Academy. I now sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling energized like I’ve had my battery recharged!”

Peg – Hair Stylist

“I suffered from insomnia for the past 12 years. I didn’t think it was possible to fall asleep without sleep medication. Within the first 7 days of the program, I was able to fall and stay asleep without medication which was really amazing. I immediately saw results.”

Marc – Entrepreneur

After just a couple of weeks working with Sleep Science Academy, my sleep is so much better. I have much more energy, I’m more creative, I feel happier and much more positive.”

Diego – Coach

“I’ve had terrible insomnia for over ten years. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and I would wake up and toss and turn many times during the night. Now most nights I fall asleep within 15-30 minutes and stay asleep throughout the night.”

Lance – Business Owner

“Going through Sleep Science Academy’s insomnia solution was sleep and life-changing. It’s a comprehensive complete insomnia solution. My sleep has improved drastically.”

Chet – Engineer

“Before sleep science academy I was sleeping just 3 hours per night. I had tried sleep medication, supplements, meditation and even seeing a psychologist. Within just a week of joining the program, my sleep improved drastically. I now sleep for 7 hours a night… this program is a miracle and has changed my life.”

Suraparna – Mom

“This program is designed for someone who is lost about why they can’t sleep. The program helps you address the root causes of insomnia vs addressing the symptoms. Sleep Science Academy gave me the direction and support I needed to regain my sleep. Having an expert coach to support me through the ups and downs is exactly what I needed.”

Ryan – CPA

“I had really bad insomnia. I was getting 4 hours or less a night and sometimes not sleeping at all. I tried melatonin, Remeron, and practicing sleep hygiene all of which didn’t work. After completing the program I now sleep on average 7.5 hours per night and wake up feeling refreshed. As a result of getting my sleep back, my quality of life has gone WAY up. I was able to take a trip to Hawaii with my family and the best part is I regained my sense of humor and I’m laughing again.

Ashley – Mom

“If you’re reading this, it’s time to invest to get your sleep back! Before Sleep Science Academy I tried lots of things that didn’t work… sleep apnea machine, medications but I was missing a comprehensive sleep system and support. After taking the program, I’m sleeping way better and actually dreaming again. I saw results in the first few weeks of joining the program.”

Kemy – Speaker and Entrepreneur

“Before the SSA program, I was addressing the symptoms of not being able to stay asleep and wasn’t make any progress on my own. I would wake up every night like clockwork. I was only sleeping about 5 hours or less. After addressing the root cause of why I was having sleep issues my sleep is now transformed. I now get a consistent 6-7 hours of refreshing sleep. Within just a couple of weeks, my sleep drastically improved. The program helped me so much. ”

Kelvin – Entrepreneur

“Before Sleep Science Academy I was up 3-5 times a night, frustrated and enraged. I had tried everything from life coaching to meditation, Tylenol PM to natural supplements, weighted blankets to a bed tent. I had even tried other programs but nothing worked because I wasn’t getting to the root cause of the issue. I saw improvement after four weeks in the program and now my sleep has dramatically improved. Sleep is not really a thing anymore. Now I have more energy, feel happier, and recognize how much joy is in my life. Sleep Science Academy helped me get my life back.”

Mike – Life Coach

“If you’ve found Sleep Science Academy, it is the starting and ending point. I’ve dealt with chronic insomnia my entire adult life. It was debilitating. I resorted to using medication like Xanax and Ambien to get by, but they were just bandaids. Sleep Science Academy gave me the tools to process my anxiety and changed my relationship with sleep from fearful to accepting. I don’t obsess about my sleep anymore and have discovered a calm side of myself I didn’t know I had.”


“Sleep Science Academy gets right to the root of the problem. Stress had begun to impact the quality of my sleep and I was consistently getting less than 4 hours a night. I tried prescription medication, meditation, fighting through it, and over-solving. I was in my head and getting in my own way. Working with SSA gave me the help I needed right away. It taught me that you can’t problem solve your sleep or think your way out of it. It took me 4-5 weeks to see real results and I’m now regularly sleeping 7-9 hours a night. “

Casey – (Now sleeping) loving husband and Dad

“For 12 years, when I didn’t take medication I literally didn’t sleep. I had low energy, no memory at all and was in a terrible mood. I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. Devin’s program had an amazing effect on me and was absolutely illuminating about how I was dealing with problems and how that was keeping me from sleeping. What I have learned in this program has helped me in every aspect of my life. Four weeks into the program I started sleeping better and now have more energy, better memory, and am in a better mood. Trust the process. It does work.”


“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was sporadic and there was a lot of fear associated with it. I had tried herbal supplements, prescription medication and therapy. Nothing worked because I realized I was waiting for magic to happen and wanted an immediate response. Going through the program uncovered issues I didn’t realize were a big deal. SSA helped me bring joy back into my life. There is no longer a fear component to my sleep, no lurking thoughts and I no longer feel helpless. EVERYONE should go through this program.”


“I’ve tried a variety of different tools and techniques to combat the issue and kept trying to solve the problem with effort. It was forceful and I felt anxiety and tension between my body and mind which left me discouraged. Sleep Science Academy takes a more mindful and thoughtful approach. The content is really well put together and powerful. It is great for anyone dealing with sleep issues, high-stress environments, anxiety, control challenges, or something in their life they’re fearful of. Being willing to dive in and question the things you think you know will allow you to achieve the things this program offers.”


“Before the program, I would have days in a row where I got less than 4 hours of sleep. I just kept increasing my sleep medication to knock me out. It was horrible. I was depressed and sure I was doomed to be sleep-deprived my whole life. I was in a negative cycle I needed to get out of. Five -six weeks after starting the program I started to see results. Now I consistently get 7-8 hours of sleep. I am going to sleep NATURALLY which I haven’t done in 8-10 years. My stress level is much lower, my overall attitude is better and I’m not depressed or anxious. I feel confident! I would be in such a terrible place if I had decided to not do the program. Grateful I said yes to the support”


“The question should be what didn’t I try? Acupuncture, supplements, Buddhism, meditation, holistic medicine, pot, sleep hygiene, music, antidepressants and prescription medication. But nothing I tried worked because they didn’t address the most important thing to me: my mindset. The content in SSA was amazing. Devin is the real deal. He has a gift for telling people who are struggling what they need to hear in the moment. My sleep has markedly improved. I don’t fear sleep anymore. I cannot recommend it enough.”


“I came to Sleep Science Academy after a decade of suffering from sleep issues. Through those years I had done significant research to try and help myself, but nothing offered a magic bullet, until SSA. The program seemed to be designed specifically for me in that it offered solutions that spoke to me personally (who I was, my individual issues, how I looked at the world) and helped me to reach a plateau where I now have a much different view of why I was having such difficulty with sleep and how I can fix it. The program has given me not only a new outlook but the skills and intelligent solutions I need to manage much more skillfully what I had for years seen as an unsolvable issue. I recommend SSA very strongly to anyone wanting to get the weight of insomnia off their shoulders.”

Lynn H

“I’ve just competed Sleep Science Academy and I feel great! Thank you for studying sleep and mental health so in-depth that you were able to create this wonderful program for people feeling hopeless. I was truly at my lowest point in life and thought that I had to live this way and not be able to show up for my family everyday. This experience has not only helped me sleep longer it has strengthened my faith, taught me patience and has me reading psychology books daily. 
I never thought I’d be sitting here a little over 2 months later feeling so much better. The way your program has helped me makes me forever grateful for you. Keep doing what you do, you’re making a difference. Thank you”


Sleep Science Academy Review

“This sleep academy is not just for sleep. It’s a life changing program! For me it’s a beginning of my new journey of awareness, acceptance, self-love, let go feelings, living in a moment and enjoying my life fully. I had insomnia for over 12 years. I tried everything I could (I thought). Those sleepless nights was awful and really interfere in my daily routine. Very often I was in a bad mood, changing my plans next day after off night, not patience with husband and kids….Now! I am off my sleep gummies that I was addicted to, my days are more productive and happier. I can do things now that help me to give me more self-love 💕  I’m mom of three and self employed but I have time for myself and for others now. I realized that I have a very nice life! Its not about insomnia anymore. Appreciation is another cool tool that helps from insomnia and bring more joy 🤩  You just have to trust this program and yourself!!! This is for people who is open minded and ready to accept that we don’t need anything to sleep. It’s much easier than we think. Just trust the process!!!

Thank you Devin, Coach Stacy and all the Sleep Academy team! “

Client Results

Case Studies

*Click the circle and slide to see before and after data ☝🏽

“I joined the program in hopes to better my sleep. I had not slept good for 20+ years. I had prayed for years for a solution or some help with this as I could see the effect it was having on my life and health. I feel this was an answer to pray. It is and always will be a daily effort on my part to put what I have learned in this program to use as this will be a lifelong journey, however, the tools I have been given through this program are exactly what I needed to get the results I wanted.” – Nita

Name: Nita

Age: 66

Insomnia Type: Trouble falling and staying asleep (Chronic onset and maintenance insomnia)

Years Struggling: 5 years

Previous solutions tried…
⦁ Sleep supplements, etc.
⦁ Sleeping pills (trazodone)
⦁ Sleep meditation
⦁ Sleep music
⦁ Magnesium spray

Before averages:

Total sleep – 4 hours 47 minutes
Time to fall asleep – 1-2 hours
Nightly wake-ups – 2-3x

After averages:

Total sleep – 6 hours 54 minutes
Time to fall asleep – 8 minutes
Nightly wake-ups – <1x

*Click the circle and slide to see before and after data ☝🏽

Going through Sleep Science Academy’s insomnia solution was sleep and life changing. It’s a comprehensive complete insomnia solution. My sleep has improved drastically it’s 95% better. – Chet

Name: Chet

Age: 32

Insomnia Type: Trouble falling and staying asleep (Chronic onset and maintenance insomnia)

Years Struggling: 3 years

Previous solutions tried…
⦁ Sleep supplements
⦁ OTC medications
⦁ Sleep meditation
⦁ Sleep music
⦁ Magnesium spray

Before averages:

Total sleep – 5 hours 54 minutes
Time to fall asleep – 1-2 hours
Nightly wake-ups – 2-3x

After averages:

Total sleep – 7 hours 22 minutes
Time to fall asleep – 11-15 minutes
Nightly wake-ups – <1x

*Click the circle and slide to see before and after data ☝🏽

Name: Holly

Age: 47

Insomnia Type: Staying asleep (Chronic maintenance insomnia)

Years Struggling: 5 years

Previous solutions tried…
⦁ Sleep supplements
⦁ OTC medications
⦁ Sleep hygiene advice

Before averages:

Total sleep – 7 hours
Time to fall asleep – 5 minutes
Nightly wake-ups – 3-4x
Awake time – 2 hours

After averages:

Total sleep – 7 hours 32 minutes
Time to fall asleep – 5 minutes
Nightly wake-ups – <2x
Awake time – <1 hour

Disclaimer: All testimonials are from real people that have experienced real results. In some cases, names may have been changed to protect client privacy. These testimonials are solely opinions and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results vary according to a number of factors, including the severity of an individual’s sleep problems, their compliance to the program, and their willingness and commitment to make the changes necessary to improve their sleep.*Although the results you see on this page are typical, your results may vary.