Become a Sleep Science Academy Affiliate

The Sleep Science Academy Affiliate Referral Program is not just an opportunity to earn but also a chance to positively impact your family, friends, clients and patients lives. Through referring someone to our online sleep coaching program, you’re introducing them to a scientifically-backed, holistic approach to better sleep with an impressive 97% success rate and money-back guarantee.

Benefits of the SSA Affiliate Referral Program

1. Earn up to 20% commission for each successful enrollment:

For every patient, client, friend, or family member you refer to our (Tier #1) 8-week online insomnia coaching program that enrolls, you’ll earn a $500 (20%) referral commission. The investment for our tier 1 program, which includes the 8-week online program plus weekly group and 1:1 coaching, is currently $2,500.

*Program pricing is subject to change.

2. Medication-Free Effective Sleep Solution:

The program emphasizes a natural approach to restoring sleep, avoiding the pitfalls and dependencies of sleep medications. This program is specifically for those who suffer from chronic insomnia defined as long-term insomnia that occurs 3 or more nights a week, lasts more than 3 months, and cannot be fully explained by another health problem.

Our online 8-week program effectively addresses:

  • Sleep anxiety and “bed dread”
  • Helps naturally reset the body’s circadian rhythms aka the body’s sleep system
  • Focuses on improving sleep quality without needing pills.

Click here to watch our 7-minute video to learn more about our unique approach and program.

3. Cutting-Edge Sleep Technology:

The academy pairs proven methods with advanced sleep technology, ensuring participants understand their sleep on a deep, holistic level.

4. Positive Impact on Lives:

Click here to watch over 100+ other program success story videos

“Sleep Science Academy didn’t just improve my sleep, it changed how I view my whole life.” – Emma

“Now my sleep is no big deal. I sleep all night every night.” – Lisa

“I don’t think about sleep anymore. Now my sleep is 100% better.” – Ross

“Getting my sleep back has enriched every facet of my life.” – Melissa


How to join the SSA referral program

1) Apply by filling out our partner form by clicking the button above or visit

2) Schedule a quick call with our referral program coordinator here: (insert schedule link) to understand the program better and get any questions answered.

3) Promote the Program:
a) Share your personal experience (if you’re a past client) or the program’s benefits with potential referrals through your email list, social media, program, event, or word of mouth.

4) Earn Your Commission:
a) Once your referral enrolls in the program, you’ll receive up to a $500 commission paid at the end of each month for each referral that enrolls.

What are the benefits of joining SSA’s referral program?
★ Earn a Commission: $500 commission on every successful referral.
★ Enhance Patient/Client Care: Offer a trusted and effective solution to those struggling with insomnia.
★ Client Results: Sleep Science Academy has an impressive 97% recovery rate for participants who complete the program.
★ Easy Process: Simple and straightforward referral process.
Who can participate in this program?

● Eligibility criteria: Health practitioners (doctors, functional doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, pharmacists, chiropractors, pain doctors, ketamine clinics, sleep apnea clinics, therapists, health coaches, holistic healers, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, and life coaches) and past program clients.

How are my referrals tracked?
Our referral program tracking is simple and accurate. Upon signing up, you will receive a referral coupon and a unique URL to share with those you want to refer.

Your unique share link installs cookies onto your prospective customers’ browsers for 90 days. The installed cookie allows our Affiliate/Referral Marketing System to track conversions on our site to calculate automatically and credit Affiliate/Referral commission to you.

The Affiliate/Referral Coupon is a custom coupon code you can also share. Any customer who uses your personalized coupon code will be credited to you, regardless of the presence of a browser cookie. It’s best practice to share both with your referee and in your marketing efforts.

When do I receive commissions for those whom I refer that sign up?

We review our referral tracking system log at the end of each month and send referral commissions through Paypal at the end of each month for that month’s referral enrollments. We also share a report showing all that month’s credited enrollments.

Does SSA provide promotional materials?
Yes, we want to make the implementation of our referral program as simple, straightforward, streamlined and impactful as possible. After signing up, we will schedule an onboarding partner call to help map out a successful launch and strategy to make our partnership successful.
What we will cover in the partner onboarding session:
1. Review how to access and use our provided marketing materials most effectively.
2. Create a clear strategy for effectively sharing SSA with your team, clients and patients.
3. Strategize on a partner launch (this could include having Devin on your podcast to drive traffic, email campaign etc.)
What are the steps to refer a patient, client, friend, or family member?
1) Become familiar with SSA’s unique approach and how to share it in a way that would leave someone touched, moved, and inspired to receive our support.
2) Create a list of patients or clients who could use support with insomnia, then reach out to them with your referral link and code.
3) Share your unique code and URL with those needing support.