Tried everything and still can’t sleep Watch this for a natural insomnia remedy

Your coaching guide to your best night’s rest and Sleep Science Academy founder, Devin Burke, shares an important message about a natural remedy for insomnia.

You’re Not Alone

If you are among the many individuals who have tried everything and still can’t sleep, I want you to know that you are not alone. You may feel that way right now, but you are not alone.

I know this because we help hundreds of folks like you who feel their situation is unique, that they have no further options, and that nothing is working; They feel broken.

I am here to tell you that you are not unique if you feel that way.

You might feel alone because you’re the only one in your family, group of friends, or community who might have these sleep challenges as bad as you. But, I promise you there are hundreds, thousands, probably millions experiencing what you are. And again, I know this from working with people over the past years who have faced this challenge.

Why Can’t You Sleep?

Maybe you’ve been to the doctor, an acupuncturist, or a psychologist. You may be familiar with CBT-I programs, shock therapy, hypnosis, or all the other things you seek to solve your problem. I

I have heard it all, and if you have done all this and still not sleeping, it is not because you’re broken. It’s not because something in your brain is switched off and is not genetic.

After trying everything, yet still not sleeping, many people think it must be genetic. “My mom, sister, aunt, and brother-in-law all have sleeping issues; it must run in the family.”

While we inherit behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that create patterns that can keep our bodies from sleeping naturally, insomnia is not genetic. So, if that is something you believe, I challenge you to be open to the possibility that this might not be true.

So, why can’t you sleep after all of this effort? In most cases, people address the symptoms, not the underlying cause of sleeplessness.

You Can’t Force Sleep

Understanding this vital truth is the first step in conquering your insomnia.

The underlying cause of your insomnia is usually a pattern of trying to force and control something you cannot. This strategy creates a physiological disposition where the body releases cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, preventing sleep or waking you up at night.

Your mind starts to race, and you toss and turn. Soon, bad habits develop around what people do when trying to sleep. And that is the essential problem; trying to sleep does not work.

Once you understand the physiological and psychological patterns and see how you treat them as a problem, they become apparent, and you can create change.

Sleep Is Not a Problem. Sleep Is a Result.

Just like you don’t need to think about breathing, your nails or hair growing, or your heart beating, sleep is a natural biological process that happens when you allow it. When you get out of your body’s way, sleep occurs naturally.

When attempting to force sleep, people fall into cycles, some subtle, like “I’m going to do this, that I’m going to sleep.” Unfortunately, this creates a level of energy and pressure around sleep.

You can become like a starving person looking for food and trying all of these things, but the more you try, the more these things don’t work, solidifying the belief that you are unique, broken, and doomed to suffer this for the rest of your life.

It’s not true, and if you’re feeling that way, I am glad you are reading this because it will give you hope. And, without hope, change is very, very hard.

Break Those Habits and Patterns

To successfully make this break, you must understand the physiological and mental patterns because the body follows the mind. If you are not aware of your thoughts and beliefs that create anxiety, fear, stress, worry, doubt, and negativity, your body will react, remaining in a state of sleeplessness.

This condition persists because your body is trying to keep you safe as it thinks there is a threat. Once you understand the underlying thought pattern and beliefs, some may be true but not helpful, and you can begin to change those thoughts.

When you see these patterns from a different perspective, your body suddenly responds differently. This process takes time, patience, and practice, but you can do it.

I know individuals who say, “Wow, this is a miracle,” after 30 years of trying every medication, blood work, and all the scams with no success. After years of struggling with no support, lacking proper tools or skills, and unaware of the underlying patterns, they can finally sleep naturally.

Look for the Evidence

You must begin to look for evidence you are not broken. I encourage you to visit Sleep Science Academy’s website to check out our clients’ testimonials. Thousands of people are now sleeping naturally after participating in our unique and successful program.

People will say things like, “Wow, I get it. My situation and challenges aren’t unique.” These testimonials will prove that it is possible for you and that you are not alone or unique.

We often ask clients if there was ever a time they were able to sleep. If you look back and can find one time that you were able to sleep well, we know it’s possible. And that’s what we’re looking for, possibility because that creates motivation and momentum so change can happen.,

Trust Your Body

Restoring trust in your body can be challenging for many people. After years, months, or even decades of battling sleep challenges, most people don’t trust their body to do what it does by design, what it knows how to do, which is sleep.

Reestablishing that trust is critical because if you don’t trust your body and are at war with insomnia, you will continue to struggle with sleep. I see it often; it’s a matter of stopping to understand and ask yourself what it would take to restore trust in your body. What must you believe or do differently in your day-to-day behaviors?

Sleep challenges are not merely bedtime problems. They are 24-hour challenges. That is why, at Sleep Science Academy, we take a holistic look at how every aspect of your life impacts your sleep and vice versa. Again, sleep is a result, not a problem.

Typically, the problem is the underlying patterns that lead to behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that challenge the body to do what it knows to do: sleep. So, ask yourself what it would take to restore trust in your body. What would you need to believe to restore that trust?

Final Thoughts

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