Can’t Sleep? This Will Help

Devin Burke, Sleep Science Academy founder, has a question: Does this describe you?

First, do you feel anxious and stressed regarding your sleep? Secondly, do you struggle to shut your mind off? And lastly, do you dread going to bed because you know it will be a battle to fall or stay asleep?

If Your Answer Is Yes

You lie awake, staring at the ceiling and wondering if or when you will get back to sleep. You feel like you’re in a fog, have a hard time focusing and concentrating, and are easily distracted throughout the day.

It seems like no one understands what you’re struggling with, and you feel somewhat hopeless that you might have to suffer from poor sleep for the rest of your life. You have tried everything, or at least you think you have, including:

  • Supplements
  • Sleeping prescriptions
  • Various therapies

Perhaps you are taking sleep medication right now, and it is no longer working, or the side effects seem worse than not sleeping.

If all of this describes you, I want you to know there is hope.

The Way out

Sleep Science Academy has a program designed specifically for people meeting these criteria, successfully helping hundreds of people just like yourself. And I would bet that you feel like your situation is unique, but I know it is not because of the hundreds of people we encounter who are in the same situation seeking our help.

But you are unique!

Final Thoughts

If this article describes you, if you gave a nod to all or most of the above descriptions, I want you to follow this link and schedule a complimentary sleep consultation with one of our professional sleep coaches. Schedule your call to see if Sleep Science Academy’s unique program and team are a good fit for your battle to escape insomnia.

In this brief article, you can learn more about the Sleep Science Academy difference and Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR).

We look forward to coaching and guiding you to success through this difficult challenge.