Does Sleep Coaching Work? (What YOU Must Know!)

Your coaching guide to a peaceful night’s rest, Devin Burke, discusses whether Sleep Coaching actually works and the role the client and coach play in a successful interaction.

Does Sleep Coaching Work?

The short answer is it depends.
Multiple factors influence the success of sleep coaching for any person here are three essential elements that can determine how successful sleep coaching will be for any individual.

Number One

Your willingness as a client is the most crucial requirement for any coaching endeavor to be successful. Often people say and believe they are ready for a change in their life, but unfortunately, they are not. 

Being open to the temporary discomfort of taking one or two steps back to facilitate taking three or four steps forward is essential. The willingness to change and implement behavioral and psychological shifts is a necessity.

We have to take responsibility for our health for health coaching or sleep coaching to work.

Number Two

The skill of your coach is equally important in achieving the best results. Like anything else, there are talented individuals who care deeply about what they do and the results, yet others are not so experienced and may not care so much about what they are doing.

For example, there are two Harvard-trained doctors; one cares about their clients, loves what they do, and constantly learns and practices new cutting-edge techniques.

The second doctor is in it for the paycheck, not really caring about their patients. They are not staying up to date with the latest techniques and tools.

Which doctor would you want to go to?

The obvious choice is the doctor who cares, constantly honing their skills and expanding their knowledge. The same thing goes for your coach; the skill of a coach is critically important when you speak of results and whether sleep coaching works.

Number Three

There are numerous methodologies, philosophies, systems, and approaches to sleep coaching. Certain of these work better for some people, and others are better suited for a different audience.

Your sleep coaching results are dependent on the following:

  • The Approach
  • Type of Insomnia
  • Your Willingness to Change
  • The Skill of the Coach

Does sleep coaching work?

It depends on the client’s willingness, readiness for change, and openness. It depends on the coach’s skill set and the system or approach.

The Sleep Science Academy Difference

At Sleep Science Academy, we take a holistic, integrative approach, meaning we look at how all aspects of your life and health impact your sleep and how your sleep impacts your life and health. 

There are other systems and approaches that are clinically verified and can work for some people. It depends on the person, their willingness to change, and their fit with the coach and system. If you do not resonate with a particular person, approach, or coach, your results will probably not be as good as working with a coach you can connect with who has your best interests at heart and a proven system or approach.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have a clearer picture of how sleep coaching works and how you might benefit and achieve more restful sleep.

Sleep Science Academy’s unique holistic approach to sleep coaching can help you develop a results-oriented mindset. You can read more about Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR) and how it can help you achieve better sleep here.

If you are committed to results, contact us today and schedule your free evaluation to learn more about the Sleep Science Academy difference.