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Steven a tired musician came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic onset insomnia (not being able to get to sleep.) He would have multiple days where he would sleep 3-4 hours per night which created massive anxiety around sleep for him.  After going through the program Steven now sleeps consistently 7-8+ hours a night. He also mentioned he now doesn't need anything in order to sleep (supplement etc.)


Before Sleep Science Academy I was having extreme insomnia with several nights with getting NO SLEEP at all. After taking the program, I’m back to sleeping normally again and actually sleeping better than before.


Are you turning solving your sleep issues into a chore instead? If you don't have chronic insomnia yourself, I bet you know someone who does. About one in ten adults has chronic insomnia. In this video, you'll learn why sleep hygiene actually can be the one thing that is keeping you from solving insomnia and how to start restoring natural sleep again.


Kristen would wake up in the middle of the night and be up anywhere between two hours to the entire night. After going through the program Kristin now sleeps 7-8 hours a night. She also mentioned she now sleeps through her husband’s alarm clock..."It's not just the quantity of my sleep that has improved, I now wake up feeling actually feeling refreshed."


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