Sleep Expert Tips for Sleeping Well during the Holidays


December 21, 2023 3 MIN READ

Sleep for the Holidays

Sleep Expert Tips for Sleeping Well during the Holidays

That festive time between mid-November and New Year’s Day, known as the holidays, represents a joyful period when we gather with friends and relatives for feasts and celebrations; at least, that’s the idea. With all that food and celebrations, how can you get better sleep for the holidays?

For many, the holidays are just that: a time for endless festivities, special treats, holiday dinners and parties, and sharing and connecting with friends and family.

But for some, the holidays may hold memories of a loved one who is not with them this year. Others may feel the pain of isolation after a divorce or as they get older and less able to join in many celebrations.

Plus, the holidays make it seem like time is accelerating with the hectic pace of social commitments, shopping for gifts, and preparing for company or travel.

Oh, the Stress of It All

One thing that most can agree on is that the holidays will typically raise the level of stress we must deal with every day. Most of the year, there is not enough time in the day, and the holidays double down on that perception/reality.

Holiday schedules are tight. Not only are there all the necessary chores and obligations to make your holiday successful, but you must also find a way to keep up with your routine chores and commitments.

For instance, all of this holiday madness occurs at the end of the year when your employer may require extended days and an increased workload to finish out the year, adding significantly to your stress and anxiety.

The two main culprits in fostering insomnia are stress and anxiety. If you are already stressed and anxious about sleep, the additional weight of holiday concerns makes sleeping during this time a near impossibility. But getting less sleep will not help you maintain that holiday cheer or even function at the level you need for a healthy, happy season. In other words, adequate sleep is essential; the holidays can make this painfully obvious.

What Can You Do?

You cannot control everything, and the holidays are a prime example. Other people, organizations, and businesses establish the schedules for certain activities you may wish to attend or even feel obligated.

It is up to you to make the choices that will fit best.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your busy holiday schedule and maintain a healthy level of restorative rest that will make the season much brighter.

First, be realistic; the number of gatherings and the chance to catch up with people you may only see once or twice a year can make your schedule unpredictable. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to achieve your sleep goals 100% of the time; it’s best to shoot for the 80/20 rule and be satisfied that an 80% success rate is pretty darn stellar for the holiday season.

In other words, try sticking to your regular bedtime and routines every night, but hitting that mark more often than not is a win.

Maintain good sleep hygiene. Keep your sleeping quarters dark, cool, and quiet. No eating or drinking for two hours before you turn in is a crucial strategy for better sleep any time of year. And watch out for those tempting holiday treats that often have loads of sugar and calories and can keep you up at night.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating the holidays can be a mixed bag. For many, the excitement and anticipation of the season can seem like near magic. For others, not so much. Virtually everyone experiences an increase in stress and anxiety during these times merely because of the essential activities they bring.

Since we know that stress and anxiety are primary drivers of insomnia, you should make every effort to minimize and eliminate the things that bring about these factors. It is easier said than done, but it is a necessary strategy to maintain adequate rest, especially during the holidays.

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