Truth About Sleeping Pills: What You Need to Know?

Sleep Science Academy founder and professional sleep coach, Devin Burke, tells the Truth about Sleeping Pills in this important video.


Sleeping pills are a significant component of the pharmaceutical industry today because so many people are having issues with their sleep. You are probably watching this because you are taking sleeping pills right now due to your sleep issues.

For that reason, I’m glad you are watching this because we’re going to talk about the dark side of sleeping pills and what you can do to quit them and solve the problem versus only treating the symptom.

What Is the Problem with Sleeping Pills?

The number one problem with sleeping pills is that they are linked to dementia. Studies in France, Britain, and others show that the most prescribed sleeping medications, benzodiazepines, may increase the chances of dementia by as much as 50% in older adults.

This reality is a tremendous problem and a critical red flag.

Dementia is a significant concern for a lot of people, and by taking sleeping pills, you are increasing your risk by 50%, not to mention all of the side effects. And there is a long list of side effects depending on which sleeping pills you are taking: Lunesta, clonazepam, and a bunch of them are out there.

These medications have a long list of side effects, and frankly, they are toxic.

The second crucial reason you want to try to eliminate sleeping pills as soon as possible is they can be addicting; they are habit-forming. There is a chance of overdose, and you may have to continue their use for the rest of your life.

Eventually, you will reach a point where you realize these medications don’t work; they don’t really help insomnia. They may help in the beginning, but as you continue their use, you will need to take more or different types to get the same effect. 

Ultimately, you will hit a point where they do not work because they are treating insomnia, the symptom, and not the root cause.

At Its Root

After working with hundreds of individuals to help them transform their sleep, we understand that insomnia’s root cause is the psychological elements of stress and anxiety about sleep. It can also be your sleeping environment or other physical factors.

It is essential to address all three of these elements: the psychological, the physical, and the environmental. If you address each of these elements, you can bring whatever is off balance back to parity to aid in achieving the deep, full rest and sleep you deserve and desire.

Final Thoughts

Sleep medications have their place and can help reset your sleep/wake cycle. However, these medications are best for short-term use only if needed.

All of these prescriptions carry significant side effects and pose a substantial threat of developing dementia. Many are addictive, and all can be habit-forming, especially for vulnerable individuals.

Getting off of these sleep medicines is essential for your long-term health. And since they only treat the symptoms of insomnia, they are not likely to solve your sleep issues. You must address the psychological, physical, and environmental elements to conquer insomnia successfully.

Doing this work yourself is a Herculean task.

Support is critical, and the kind of support Sleep Science Academy provides makes a difference for hundreds of insomnia sufferers annually. Our science-based program of Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR) pairs each client with a certified holistic health/sleep coach who crafts an individual treatment plan and shepherds their charge to success.

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