How Good Sleep Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sleep Science Academy founder and your guide to better sleep, Devin Burke, says that if you would rather go to sleep than have sex with your bed partner, chances are you are not getting enough rest and explains how sleep and sex are connected.  This article will talk to you about how to spice up your sex life. 

First, we are seeing a massive epidemic of low testosterone, which I believe is linked to the lack of quality sleep that most people are getting today. Let me break this down and explain why it is happening.

The dream state of deep sleep, REM, is when testosterone and estrogen are replenished and released. We go through different sleep cycles approximately every 90 to 110 minutes, and REM occurs after about 90 minutes of falling asleep.

One of the last sleep cycles, REM, happens in the fourth quarter of your night. So, if you think of your night in quarters, the fourth quarter is when most of the REM sleep happens. Since most of us are not getting enough sleep, we interrupt the REM period, throwing off testosterone and estrogen, which diminishes sexual drive and performance.

One study of over 4000 men and women in their mid-60s shows that erectile dysfunction is linked to insufficient quality sleep.

So again, REM occurs in the fourth quarter of the night, making it essential that you give yourself at least an eight-hour window, or sleep opportunity, to reach the deeper levels of REM sleep to drive that testosterone level and keep it high so you can perform in bed.

The Three Keys

  1. Hormones
    When we’re talking about sex, we’ve got to talk about hormones. Hormones like testosterone and estrogen are replenished and released during the night. If you frequently awaken, your body is not getting into a deep sleep, Delta sleep, or REM sleep, where the hormones are released and your body heals.

You may be sleeping, but you are not getting the necessary quality of sleep, driving down hormone production.

  1. Energy
    When you get amazing sleep, you have more energy, which you need to have sex. So, if you are too tired for sex at night, it’s likely because you are not getting enough high-quality sleep, decreasing your energy production.

Nobody feels like getting in the mood when they are in a low-energy state. You must keep that energy level high to perform and be present with your partner.

  1. Stress
    Getting sufficient quality rest will reduce your stress level. You will be better able to handle stress, allowing you to get better sleep, which, in turn, will produce the optimal amount of testosterone and estrogen to keep you vital, fertile, and performing in bed.

Final Thoughts

Sufficient rest is essential for our physical and mental health. Adequate quality sleep allows our body to heal, rejuvenate, and generate crucial hormones for vitality and sexual performance.

Achieving your goal of better sleep and better sex can be a challenging solo mission. Finding the proper support can make all the difference.

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