4 New Sleep Hacks Tools and Tips to Improve Sleep Quality You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Learn about the tools and tips of 4 new sleep hacks you probably have yet to hear about from professional sleep coach and founder of Sleep Science Academy, Devin Burke.

Number One

Mouth Taping – Mouth taping being somewhat esoteric, can seem scary and sound a bit sadistic to many, causing some individuals to hesitate to adopt its use. But new research shows that it can improve sleep.

Nose breathing dramatically increases nitric oxide levels in the blood, which is vital because this improves cognitive function, reduces inflammation, and is highly beneficial to circulation: nitric oxide, a vasodilator, aids in reducing stress by activating the relaxation response.

Learning to breathe from your nose for the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep can increase your nitric oxide levels. Additionally, nose breathing can significantly reduce and potentially eliminate snoring.

It may sound crazy, but mouth tape is available specifically for this reason. This product, SomniFix, holds your mouth shut without causing you to feel as if you’re going to die. There’s a book by James Nestor called Breath about this simple technique I find very effective for increasing sleep quality and helping you feel refreshed.

Since our nose filters out toxins, dust, and dander, it makes sense to retrain your mind and body to breathe through your nose while you sleep.

Number Two

Incline Sleeping – Incline sleeping is something fascinating that few people know about. What is it? First and foremost, it is when you sleep at a 5 to 7° angle. Not something that only puts half your body at a rise, but a full-body incline. A gradual slope incline so that when you sleep, the cerebral spinal fluid works with special cells called glia to flush out toxins which improves when we sleep on an incline. This improved glymphatic drainage leads to more deep sleep.

I find this to be true in my own life, along with a number of people I know who also do the same. It sounds exciting and may seem weird, but it works. So, how do you do it?

You can purchase 6-inch bed risers or buy an incline foam mattress pad, as I have,

Number Three

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover creates a dual-zone temperature control for your bed, allowing you and your bed partner to control your sleeping temperature independently.

Temperature and lighting control our sleep rhythms, and often we don’t recognize that our current temperature environment when sleeping is not ideal. We either sleep too hot or too cold; maybe our partner wants it a bit warmer, and perhaps you prefer it cooler.

The Sleep Eight Pod Pro mattress solves that problem while providing advanced sleep tracking. I have yet to try this product, but I’ve heard amazing things from people using this specific product to optimize their body temperature throughout the night.

Number Four

The Bryte Bed – My experience sleeping on a Bryte Bed at a wellness resort in Miami was impressive. This mattress delivers truly restorative sleep powered by AI. Significant technology in this bed creates an environment specific to your sleep preferences, lulling you to sleep with multisensory relaxation.

Each spring in this bed incorporates its unique technology allowing the mattress to relieve pressure throughout the night. For instance, let’s say you are sleeping on your shoulder; the bed will recognize this and adjust the force it puts on your shoulder. 

There is also a built-in body temperature regulating system cooling or heating throughout the night, depending on the different stages of sleep. One of its most remarkable features is that it uses these waves to wake you up.

When you go to bed, you can program the bed to send you off. It can even feel like you’re on a boat with these gentle ways that go through the mattress and totally relax you. You can program it to awaken you in the same fashion.

There is amazing technology in this bed. I’m a huge fan, and this seems like a great company making significant investments in sleep technology. It’s worth checking out; although it is a considerable investment, it may be worth it for some.

Final Thoughts

Nose breathing, incline sleeping, Eight Sleep Products, and the Bryte bed are only four hacks, techniques, and tools available to help you achieve more restful sleep. And while they are helpful, understanding your sleep issues and gaining the skills and tools necessary to manage them and overcome others are crucial for the quality of your sleep in the long run.

If you want to learn more about how you can achieve better sleep and wake up more refreshed and better able to face life’s challenges, you can schedule your complimentary consultation with one of Sleep Science Academy’s professional sleep coaches and take that first step to better sleep.

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