“I was not sleeping well and was exhausted and drained all of the time. Before working with SSA I tried other expensive sleep programs, I worked with other coaches, tried therapy, sleeping pills, supplements and mindfulness. These things didn’t work because whenever I would start to make progress I would start to fall apart again. I would rebound and quit and try something new. SSA was what helped me stay on track and push through my issues! My sleep now is much better. Now I’m sleeping up to 7 hours and overall doing really well. I have energy, I have patience, I’m not irritable or cranky. I’m less anxious and more present. I’m a different person when I sleep. SSA knew how to keep me on track and help me recover. Anyone who isn’t sleeping well and wants to get better should try this program. Trust the coaches, push through the issues, stray on track, don’t give up! You’ll get there!”