“My sleep before SSA was non-existent. I’d sleep like 2 hours a night and wake up feeling drained. I tried sleeping pills, getting sleep tests done to see if there was a medical reason why I wasn’t sleeping. I tried PMR (progressive muscle relaxation), meditation techniques but nothing really worked for me because I had a lot of mental blocks related to anxiety and stress that were keeping me from sleeping. After working with SSA my sleep is WONDERFUL. It takes me 15 minutes to fall asleep, I’m not afraid to sleep away from my house and I don’t have any anxiety around my sleep anymore. Now there’s just peace in my life surrounding sleep. This program is designed for anyone! My experience with SSA was really positive. I loved the online aspect of it and the personal support from my sleep coach. Now I’m getting my life back. Go into it with an open mind because your mind is the biggest block.”