“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was horrendous. I felt like I was mentally and physically shutting down. I went 5 nights straight with no sleeping and it caused a lot of issues for me. My sleep was poor and almost non-existent. I tried different medications and was just sitting and dwelling on all of my problems. The things I had tried didn’t work because it was a bandaid to the problem and I wasn’t working on my mindset. Sleep Science Academy helped me understand and learn different mindset strategies that I didn’t know about. My sleep has gotten so much better! I’m getting quality sleep, around 6-8 hours on average. Before I was lucky to get 2-4 hours. My social life has improved, it’s improved my mental and physical health and I feel like Courtney again. There is hope! The tools you’ll take from this you’ll be able to take and keep forever. It does work, just give it time. Sleep Science Academy changed the game for me completely.”