Gavin’s Sleep Science Success Story

From Stressful Nights to Consistent Sleep

Gavin’s sleep was stressful and inconsistent.  He tried to fix his sleep through medication, environment changes, meditation apps and reading books about sleep.  His life was out of rhythm, and he couldn’t make plans because he didn’t know what nights he’d sleep and what nights he wouldn’t .

“I anticipated sleep problems every night.”

Within 1 week, Gavin saw improvement in his sleep.  Sleep Science Academy was unlike anything he had ever tried before and taught him how his days were affecting his night.  

“I learned it’s not what you’re doing at night, it’s what you’re doing all day long.  It was more of a life formula that had the collateral benefit of improving my sleep.”

Enjoyed the online element of the program because it allowed him to watch it at his own pace and fit it inside his busy life. He says that the weekly consultations compliment the videos and academic material really nicely.

Sleep Science Academy taught me that you can’t fix sleep by focusing on how to fix your sleep. Now my sleep is remarkably consistent and I have the data to prove it! Sleep is no longer a primary issue in my life.”

Gavin recommends the program to anyone who is struggling with sleep issues and anxiety.  Before coming to Sleep Science Academy, he had a lot of things to become more mindful and centered.  But he says nothing helped it come together like this program did.  

“It’s not a sleep formula, it’s not a sleep program, it’s a life program.  I’m so much more present during the day and sleeping at night.  It’s created this virtuous cycle.”

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia


What did you try before working with Sleep Science Academy?

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What was your sleep like before working with Sleep Science Academy?

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What was your experience like working with Sleep Science Academy?

How has improving your sleep improved your life?

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