Yuliya’s Sleep Science Academy Review

12 Years of Insomnia to Falling Asleep Naturally

Yuliya had insomnia for 12 years. Some nights it would take her 6 hours to fall asleep.  She started taking prescription medication that would knock her out, but she woke up in the morning feeling terrible.  She then tried hypnosis and TCH gummies that she eventually became addicted to.  

“I didn’t want to be a person that was addicted to anything.” 

After working only a few weeks in the Sleep Science Academy program, Yuliya started having better nights. By 5 weeks, she was completely weaned from her gummies.  

Now, she doesn’t take anything to sleep.  She feels much better and trusts that she will keep improving as she continues to implement the tools that she gained from the Sleep Science Academy program.  

“I became a more positive and organized person.  I do more things during the day because I have more energy.  Everything has changed.” 

To anyone starting the program, she recommends to “Trust yourself and trust the program.  It’s gonna work!

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia