Tricia’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Losing Hope to Confident in Her Ability to Sleep

Tricia tried everything to try to “fix” her sleep.  Her efforting included acupuncture, supplements, Buddhism, meditation, holistic medicine, marijuana, sleep hygiene fixes, music then finally antidepressants and prescription medication. 

“Nothing worked because I wasn’t addressing the most important thing to me: my mindset.” 

There was a lot of stress, fear and anxiety tied up with Tricia’s sleep. She didn’t like the process of going to sleep and had created a lot of stories and beliefs about her perceived inabilities.  After doing the work in the Sleep Science Academy program, challenging her stories and beliefs about her sleep, and building her confidence in her ability to sleep, Tricia says that now her sleep has “markedly improved.”

“Devin is the real deal.  He has a gift for telling people who are struggling what they need to hear in that moment.”

Tricia praises the Sleep Science Academy program content and believes most people (regardless of sleep) would benefit from it.  She says, “I cannot recommend it enough.” 


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