Suraparna’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Tired Mom to Sleeping Mom

Supraparna came to Sleep Science Academy for support after suffering from chronic onset insomnia (not being able to fall asleep) for over 1-year. Her chronic sleepless nights were affecting her ability to raise her two kids and adjust to her new environment (she had moved from India to California) and feel happy.

She had tried many things to solve her sleep from sleeping medications, psychotherapy, and sleep supplements and nothing worked or worked for very long.

“I suffered from terrible insomnia for about 1 year.  Good sleep BEFORE joining the Sleep Science Academy Program for me was about 3 hours. As many things as I tried to help me sleep nothing was working and I was very frustrated.”

Supraparna made progress quickly in his first few coaching sessions and soon found the SSA Method to be a real difference-maker in not only her sleep but her life. Within a week she went from consistently sleeping 3 hours to consistently sleeping 6-8 hours per night.
“Going through this program was a miracle. My whole life changed because I’m now getting the amount of sleep I need and I feel great!”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Supraparna’s whole life shifted.

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia