Ranjan’s Sleep Science Success Story

Prior to finding Sleep Science Academy, Ranjan scoured the internet for solutions for his insomnia.  He tried various sleep hacks, blue light blockers, meditation and melatonin.  Despite trying everything he could think of to improve his sleep, he found nothing worked because he wasn’t addressing his mindset around sleep. 

“I wasn’t thinking about my sleep in terms of how I could create a good mental landscape in order to fall asleep.”  

Before Sleep Science Academy, Ranjan wouldn’t go to bed before 2-3 am and would make up for it by sleeping into the late morning.  When he got a new job, he knew something needed to change so that he could be up and ready to go to work earlier in the morning. 

“After working with Sleep Science Academy, I gained an element of control over my sleep that I didn’t know I had.  I fall asleep usually within 15 minutes of going to bed, getting a full 8 hours of sleep and waking up feeling well rested.”

Within the first week of joining SSA Ranjan started to see improvements.  

He says his experience with SSA was wonderful and that the mindset changes he learned from Sleep Science Academy has carried over into many other aspects of his life. 

“Being able to be well rested and ready for the day each morning has been so impactful.”  

Ranjan recommends the program to anyone who has had recurring sleep issues and professionals who have important schedules to maintain.  

“This is for you! You are worthy and deserving of a fulfilling night of sleep.  Keep your mind open.  You’re going to get there.”