Reasons or Results? Sleep Mindset Training

Devin Burke, the Founder of Sleep Science Academy and bestselling author of The Sleep Advantage and your guide to a peaceful night’s sleep, asks whether you are committed to your reasons for not sleeping well or to achieving results for better sleep.

After speaking with thousands of people around the country about their sleep, some indicate a stronger commitment to their reasons than results which prevents them from solving their sleep issues.

Results versus Reasons

Either we can get results, or we can have reasons. Whether our experience changes depends on where we place our commitment. Some people have all the reasons why they are not able to solve their sleep challenges, blaming their doctors, spouses, the weather, everything, and everyone except themselves.

They use reasons as an excuse not to take personal responsibility. When we don’t take responsibility for the current results in our health and life, our chances of changing become exceedingly remote.

The excuses from someone committed to their reasons can sound something like this.

“I haven’t solved this yet because my doctor kicked me out of the office and said he wouldn’t see me again. So I never went to see another doctor.”

Somebody committed to results would sound like this. 

“I went to a doctor, who prescribed some medication that didn’t work. So I went back, and I told him this medication didn’t work or gave me this weird side effect. What else can you do for me?

He told me he couldn’t do anything else for me. So then I went searching for someone that could help me. And I found a whole slew of people, and I interviewed these people, and I’m choosing to work with you.”

An Honest Assessment

If you’re trying to change something in your life and you’re more committed to the reasons, you’re not going to get the results. Being objective and honestly assessing your commitment to reasons or results is essential. 

Today, at this very moment, are you more committed to your reasons or to achieving results for better sleep, improving your finances, or your relationships?

You can use this for whatever you are experiencing, whatever is happening in your life right now is what you’re really committed to.

If you want to commit to something else and you’re willing to let go of the reasons you don’t have, fill in the blank (why you’re not sleeping well at night, don’t have a job, or whatever it is) you can find success. 

When you truly commit to the results, it is the moment when the transformation starts. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this video triggered the people that it needed to trigger. I hope it made sense. And I hope you are committed to results versus reasons because that’s when we grow and experience the biggest change in our lives through our commitment to results.

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