Shelley’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From “Tried Everything” to Trusting Her Ability To Sleep

Shelley was in a bad mood for 12 years because of her lack of sleep.  She had “tried everything under the sun” but still found it impossible to sleep without prescription medication.  She spent her days in a terrible mood, depressed with low energy and a crippling ability to remember things.

“I had to buy an Echo dot to be my external memory because my memory was so bad.” 

After joining Sleep Science Academy, her sleep and mindset are much improved.  “It is amazing. It took 4 weeks and I’m now sleeping 4- 6 hours a night.  This is not a quick fix.”

Looking for solutions, Shelley had been focused on problem-solving and searching for that miracle cure for her insomnia.  But once she started the program, she instead learned of the problems she had unconsciously created that were keeping her from sleeping: her thoughts. 

“You have to be open to it and trust the process.  Start by realizing that so many people have gone through this and have learned to sleep.  So can I.” 

What Shelley learned in the Sleep Science Academy program has helped her in “every aspect” of her life.  Her advice to anyone ready to start the process: 

“You have to be willing to change patterns and beliefs and be PATIENT.  Trust the process, it does work!” 

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia