Shantel’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Shantel tried everything from heavy sleep medication to natural supplements.  After months of getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night, she felt hopeless.  

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to be there for my two young kids.”

The things she’d previously tried didn’t work because they weren’t addressing the core of the issue that was keeping her up at night.

After 2 weeks of working with Sleep Science Academy, Shantel started to see improvement.  She now sleeps 7-9 hours a night without any supplements or medication.  

“Devin really found the things that help get people to sleep and trust their bodies.   This was the only place that I found what I needed. Thank you Devin!”

Shantel feared that due to her lack of sleep, she wouldn’t be able to show up the way she knew she could.  After the work she put into the Sleep Science Academy program, she now says that she feels great and is able to wake up and be there for her kids and to perform at work.  Now, she can be everything she wants to be.  

She advises anyone just starting out on their journey to solving their sleep:

“Don’t give up! There is hope!”