Rick’s Sleep Science Success Story


Before finding Sleep Science Academy, Rick tried everything he could think of to fix his “sleep problem”. He used medication, alcohol and seeking help from family and friends. 

“You name it, I tried about everything there is to try.”

He realizes now that these other solutions didn’t work because they were just bandaids and not long-term solutions to why he wasn’t sleeping.  They were just a quick fix to get him to fall asleep, but he wouldn’t stay asleep.  They worked temporarily but wasn’t getting to the root of the problem.    

When Rick came to Sleep Science Academy his sleep was fragmented, choppy, and unhealthy.

A few weeks into the program and Rick’s sleep is much better.  He found the coaching to be very effective.  The videos really helped him to pinpoint where he was getting stuck and why he hadn’t been sleeping. 

It took him a couple of weeks before he got into the rhythm of the class and saw improvement in his sleep.  Now his sleep has significantly improved. 

Sleep Science Academy has been excellent, [they were] very responsive and helpful.”

Rick recommends the program to anyone who’s having sleep issues. 

“If you’re having sleep issues this program is for you!”