Nick’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Panic Attacks to Trusting the Process

Nick is a business owner, who was suffering from anxiety attacks as he worried he wouldn’t be able to maintain his company due to his poor sleep.

“I was scared even thinking about going to bed.  Even the thoughts about it were creating additional fear and worry.”

Before finding Sleep Science Academy, Nick had sought help with doctor visits and medication.  He says those things didn’t work for him because they “don’t attempt to figure out how or why you got to this place and just treat it with meds.”

Now Nick’s sleep has improved, and he has found going through to process of the program to be very encouraging.  He attributes his better sleep to the science-backed approach of Sleep Science Academy.  

“All of the information, tools and procedures readily available helped me to understand that a lot of people have gone through this and overcome it.  Follow the journey and work your way through it.”

Nick recommends the Sleep Science Academy program to anyone who suffers from anxiety or insomnia.  The key to his sleep success was embracing and trusting the process, taking it one step at a time, engaging with the tools and support provided, and putting in the work. 

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia