Natassia’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Tired and Confused to Sleeping and Happy

Natassia first came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic onset insomnia (not being able to get to sleep) for 6-months that limited her ability to live the active healthy life she was used to.

Like so many of our clients, she had tried all the bandaid approaches (sleepy time tea, valerian root, melatonin etc.) and nothing had worked and she was confused and frustrated with her sleep.

After realizing her sleep challenge was more psychological than physiological, Natassia made progress quickly and within the first couple of weeks of the program, she began to experience improved sleep.
She mentioned the program and methods were easy to understand and were also packaged up in a way that provides the “ah-ha moments” that really can help you make the shift necessary to solve the root issues.

“After going through the program my sleep is back to normal. I’m back to my old self… I’m happier, eating healthier and now gratefully sleeping great! If I can do it, anyone can.”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Natassia since getting her sleep and regaining her energy has started a podcast and is thriving.


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