Mike’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Trying it All and Still Not Sleeping to Sleeping Easy

Mike, an energetic, outgoing, intellectual Life Coach found himself in a cycle of anxiety, bed dread, bandaid fixes and multiple middle-of-the-night wake-ups. 

After putting work and effort into the program, he now sleeps 7-9 hours a night. 

“Nothing else I tried worked because they weren’t getting to the root cause of the issue.”   

Before finding Sleep Science Academy, Mike, feeling frustrated and enraged, effort-ed to “fix the problem”.  He tried everything from melatonin, OTC medications, a variety of holistic and environmental strategies and even other programs.  

Exhausted financially, emotionally and physically, Mike eventually found Sleep Science Academy. After four weeks of working in the program, Mike started to see drastic improvements. He is now sleeping through the night, and no longer plagued by fear or worry about his sleep.  

“My sleep isn’t even a thing anymore.”

Back to feeling like himself, he feels happy, his energy is restored and finally feels like he got his life back on track. 


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