Marc’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Putting a 12-Year Insomnia Battle To Bed

Marc first came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic onset and maintenance insomnia (not being able to get or stay asleep) for 12 years. It started when he was in grad school.

“I was a hardcore insomniac. I had tried everything from sleeping pills, new mattresses, supplements you name it and I tried it. Yet I would lay there night after night and just listen to the clock tick all night. It was terrible.”

Marc was caught in what we call the “insomniacs paradox.” The harder he tried to fix it the worse it got. Marc progressed quickly in his first week and soon found the SSA Method to be the exact solution he was missing all these years.

“Having the plan and getting the support Sleep Science Academy provided was really night and day from what I had tried. Within the first 7 days of the program I was able to sleep which was really really amazing!”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Marc has reconnected back to his creative muse and is able to finally bring the energy to his clients in his positive psychology practice that they deserve. Marc is leading the Joy Revolution to learn more visit


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