Lina’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Relying on Sleeping Medication to Natural Sleep Again



Lina a leadership coach came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic onset and maintenance insomnia (not being able to get or stay asleep) for over a decade.

Lina’s goal was to be able to gain her natural sleep back without the need for taking sleeping medication.

“I was very very dependant on taking a sleeping medication each night. Going to sleep was very anxiety driven for me.”

Lina after going through the program and applying the Sleep Science Academy Methods was able to finally free herself from the physical and psychological dependency on sleeping medication.  It took Lina about 4-6 weeks to really notice a massive shift in her sleep and be totally free to rely on anything to help her get or stay asleep.

I’m so happy I enrolled in this program. It was so worth the time, effort and the money. I highly reccomend it to anyone suffering from insomnia

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Lina is now sleeping and thriving (medicine-free.)

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