Kristin’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From No Hope to Sleeping Naturally Again

Kristin a busy (and tired) coach came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from sleep maintenance insomnia (not being able to get to sleep.) for two years.

“I thought that there wasn’t a solution out there and that I had to just deal with my insomnia.”

Kristen would wake up in the middle of the night and be up anywhere between two hours to the entire night. After going through the program Kristin now sleeps 7-8 hours a night. She also mentioned she now sleeps through her husband’s alarm clock which she used to wake up from and that would cause tension between them.

Kristin’s journey back to normal refreshing sleep wasn’t linear. She made progress but also hit some road bumps along the way but with commitment and her coach was eventually able to reset her sleep system.

“It’s not just the quantity of my sleep that has improved, I now wake up actually feeling refreshed. This program is designed for anyone who is having trouble sleeping and is willing and open to finding a solution. Sleep Science Academy really does work. The program, support and tools is everything you need.”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Kristin is healthier, happier and more energized and is now focused back to her busy life, business and family again.

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia