Jane’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Jane came to us looking to improve her sleep.  Regularly getting 4-5 hours a night, she tried to increase her sleep through exercise, meditation, proper nutrition, and drinking cherry juice.  She thought she was doing “everything right” but still her sleep didn’t improve.   

What she learned through SSA however, was that she had only been looking externally to solve her problem.  She hadn’t been addressing the root cause of her problem which was anxiety and stress. 

“SSA taught me how to connect the mind and body and finally learn how to master my stress.”

Jane says the best thing she gained from SSA is that she no longer worries about sleep.  After 2-3 weeks Jane’s sleep has increased and she feels more energized throughout the day. 

“Working with SSA has been “transforming”.  Understanding and being able to master your stress will never go away.  You can’t control everything, but there are things you can control.  Using the tools and resources from SSA will help you master anxiety.  It has been a wonderful gift.”  

I’m a representative of the seniors.  But anyone who is struggling with their sleep will help see improvement in their sleep and feel better mentally and physically.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Stick with the program.  Be hopeful and believe in yourself. It can work for you too.”