Jamey’s Sleep Science Academy Review

“My sleep patterns were chaotic. I never knew when I would be able to fall asleep, or how long I would be able to stay asleep.” 

Before working with Sleep Science Academy, Jamey’s schedule was chaotic.  She felt she couldn’t depend on herself and was unable to plan her work days.  After a few weeks of working in the Sleep Science Academy program, for the first time in her adult life, Jamey finally has a predictable, dependable sleep schedule.  The change happened as she discovered and investigated her deeply held beliefs about sleep.  With that awareness, she was able to change her patterns and improve her sleep. 

“I feel confident and joyful. I’m able to focus on what’s most important to me, rather than feeling frustrated all the time about my sleep.”

Jamey recommends the Sleep Science Academy program to anyone who is ready to examine their beliefs to make big, positive changes in their lives.  She recognizes now that sleep is a reflection of her unconscious thoughts and beliefs. 

“I joined this program for better sleep, but actually I upgraded my life in several unexpected ways beyond sleep.”