Jackie’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Fearful and Not Sleeping to Feeling Joyful and Sleeping

Jackie came to Sleep Science Academy with sporadic sleep and was stuck in a cycle of bed dread and fear around sleep.  She tried everything from herbal supplements and traditional therapy to prescription medication and found nothing was working to help improve her sleep.

“I was looking for a magic solution…an immediate quick fix to cure my insomnia and that just doesn’t exisit.” 

Sleep Science Academy helped Jackie to uncover and resolve the root issues that she didn’t even realize were keeping her from a consistent natural peaceful sleep.  

“Fear and dread around bedtime have dwindled drastically. And even if they do come up, I now know how to handle them.  I no longer feel helpless. It’s amazing!”

After completing the Sleep Science Academy program, Jackie now enjoys natural sleep and is free from fear, lurking bed dread and feelings of helplessness about her sleep.  Jackie has finally found joy back in her life because she has the energy to do the things she loves again. Her advice to anyone entering the program…

“Let your mind go and remove all your expectations.  Let the coach guide you and see where you land on the other side.”

Jackie testifies that the Sleep Science Academy program is designed for anyone with sleep issues. That the mindset shift you establish by going through the program carries over into various other important areas of life.  

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia