How much does the Sleep Science Academy program cost?

Addressing the root cause of insomnia takes time, commitment, and expert guidance.  Our program is comprehensive, and the investment reflects the time and energy that went into creating it and the level of support our clients receive to get the guaranteed result.

Our premier tier 1 program is a single investment of $2,500 

This program includes:

  • Lifetime access to our online, 8-week video coaching program.
  • Bonus videos such as how to sleep when traveling.
  • Weekly live 1-hour group coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Weekly live 1:1 personal coaching sessions via Zoom or phone. 
  • A no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • And sleep tracking for optimized results.

This program tier only takes 3 hours per week and can be done at your own pace and schedule.

Please watch this 4-minute video outlining the details of the program

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