Greg’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Before joining Sleep Science Academy, Greg was using prescription medicine to try to get to sleep.  He says however that the medication didn’t really work and he didn’t feel like he was getting good sleep with it.  

“My sleep was very poor.   I spent a lot of evenings sitting up until 3-4 in the morning.  I would be anxious about sleep and think about it all day long.”

It took 2 weeks after starting the program for Greg to see a real change in his sleep patterns.  He began sleeping through the night and within 4 weeks felt confident to get off the prescription medication.

“Now, my sleep has improved 80%. It’s not perfect, but I get 7 hours and I’m able to function and live my life.  I’m improving daily.”

Working with Sleep Science Academy helped Greg to build his confidence and reaffirm that he doesn’t need anything to sleep.  Between watching the videos, working with a coach and attending weekly office hours, he was able to build the belief that he CAN sleep and that he WILL sleep. 

“Improving my sleep improved my life by removing 90% of my anxiety.  Now I’m able to enjoy my social life and not worry about sleep any longer.”

Greg recommends Sleep Science Academy to anyone who ’s worried about their sleep.  He advises to believe in the program and really embrace what’s being taught.