Gina’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Gina tried everything to fix her sleep: herbal supplements, reading books, researching on Google and prescription medication.  After working with Sleep Science Academy, she realizes none of those things worked because you don’t need anything to sleep! She was trying to “fix” something that wasn’t broken. 

After 4 weeks of working with Sleep Science Academy, Gina saw improvement in her sleep.

“Now I feel better, I’m able to do more things.  I just feel better mentally and physically too.”

Gina’s sleep had taken over her life.  She felt terrible and wasn’t able to function.  She wasn’t able to workout which affected her daily life.  All she did was obsess over her sleep.

Now, she doesn’t stress about her sleep and doesn’t let an off night affect her day.  She is getting better quality sleep and more of it.  

She recommends the program at Sleep Science Academy to anyone who is like herself and has tried everything from  internet searching to supplements and medication.

“Stop obsessing over sleep!”