Gene’s Sleep Science Success Story

Gene went to extreme measures to solve his sleep.   He went through three sleep studies, neurofeedback with a respected neuropsychologist and hypnosis.  He stopped drinking caffeine, exercised excessively and took prescription medication.  As his sleep failed to improve, he worried about cognitive results of not sleeping and was really ready to get his sleep back on track. 

I was on Ambien and only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Then once a month or so I’d get six hours of sleep and I’d feel amazing, then I’d go right back into the cycle of no sleep.”

Two weeks into the program Gene’s sleep was back on track.  He began sleeping 6-8 hours a night.  

“My wife found Sleep Science Academy and I went in as a total doubter. I never thought this [program] would work. Now, my sleep never drops below 6 hours.  I sleep great.”

He says his experience with Sleep Science Academy was wonderful because he got results! He also appreciated the 1:1 coaching and integrative approach of Sleep Science Academy.

Now, Gene’s mood has improved, he has more energy, and his productivity has increased. 

Gene recommends the program designed to anyone who chronically can’t sleep.  As someone who believes he didn’t have stress, he says Sleep Science Academy taught him how to recognize his stress.  And once he could recognize it, he could dispose of it.

“I can’t say enough good about this course. You can solve this.  This course fixes your life and in doing so fixes your sleep.”