Gabrielle’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From “Trying Everything” to Sleeping Naturally Again



Gabrielle a recent graduate of Berkley University came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from sleep onset insomnia (not being able to get to sleep) for three years.

“I thought that there wasn’t a solution out there and that I had tried everything. I was constantly thinking and worrying about my sleep.”

Gabrielle was sleeping almost every other night. She would sleep okay one night then the next would be up all night. Her sleep was chaotic and stress-inducing. She had tried many things to solve her insomnia from supplements, sleeping medication, CBT-I programs, meditation, yoga, and even psychotherapy. Before working with Sleep Science Academy on average she was getting about 5 hours of sleep.

After going through the program Gabrielle now sleeps consistently 7+ hours a night without the need of anything. She also mentioned sleep just isn’t a concern anymore. It took about two weeks for her to start to notice an improvement in her sleep.

Gabriele’s journey back to normal refreshing sleep was life-changing. She said, getting the sleep she needs has improved her relationships, deepened her spiritual practice and connected her back to her creativity. It has also created so much energy in her life that she is now considering becoming a sleep coach to help others overcome their sleep challenges!

“This program is designed for those who have tried everything and have struggled with insomnia and are ready to move on from the problem and find a life long solution. If you feel like you’ve tried everything you should do this program.”

97% Of Our Clients Successfully Recover From Insomnia