Emma’s Sleep Science Success Story

Before Emma found Sleep Science Academy, she tried a lot of different things to solve her sleep.  From Google searches and focus on sleep hygiene, prescription medication and CBD supplements, things might work for a time but never addressed the root issue.  She even found another program which focused more on distraction techniques which worked for a time, but wasn’t enough to solve the underlying cause of her sleep. 

Emma would go through cycles of sleeping ok, then cycles of nights where she got no sleep at all and would experience panic attacks. 

“I was way too much in my head, way too much anxiety, way too much over processing and thinking.”  

For years she had been looking for tools and tricks to get her to sleep.  What Sleep Science Academy taught her that nothing else could, was how to let go

It took about 2 weeks for Emma’s sleep to improve. She was able to wean herself off her supplements and medication and started noticing small progress that built her confidence in her ability to sleep.

“I feel back to normal.  I’m sleeping around 7.5-8.5 hours a night.  I’m no longer as consumed by my thoughts about sleep.” 

She says she had a positive experience working with Sleep Science Academy.  Working through the program, she focused on it in small increments every day.  She quickly saw how she had been getting in her own way and was finally given the tools to work though how to do things differently.  

“It’s nice to feel normal.  It feels good to feel like me again.” 

Emma recommends the program to anyone who is struggling with their sleep or stressed and overwhelmed by life in general.  Whether it’s having panic attacks or depending on medication, she says you would benefit from going through Sleep Science Academy.  

“Even though it’s scary and hard and discouraging at times, don’t give up! Eventually it will click for you.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.”