Emilie’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Bed Dread to Sleeping Through the Night

Before working with Sleep Science Academy, Emilie tried everything from over-the-counter sleep aids like melatonin, as well as prescription drugs and medical marijuana. These things were in addition to her efforts in journaling, stretching, and meditation. 

 After two weeks in the program, Emilie saw improvement in her sleep

“I realized that sleep wasn’t my problem.  I had been trying to solve a problem I didn’t have, which obviously wasn’t working.  This program allowed me to peel back the layers and see that sleep wasn’t the issue.”  

There was a lot of anxiety associated with Emilie’s sleep and even her bedroom. 

“Walking into my room would cause me to get anxious, worrying about if I would sleep through the night.” 

Now, Emilie looks forward to going to bed.  She now knows that nothing is wrong with her sleep.  Understanding this has allowed her to release pressure and expectations about her sleep.  She now sleeps through the night and doesn’t need anything to fall asleep. It only took her 2 weeks of doing the work to start seeing improvement in her sleep. 

Emilie felt very taken care of in the program through weekly coaching and Devin’s Office Hours.  Going through the Sleep Science Academy program allowed Emilie to recognize what the underlying issue was behind her sleep, and gave her the opportunity to address the root of the problem instead of continuing to address the symptoms. 

She recommends this program to those who feel hopeless and those who believe that a lack of sleep is ruining their life. She advises, “Be curious! Ask yourself why you’re experiencing those feelings. Be up for the challenge.  See what you can learn about yourself.” 

“Now I have better tools and better overall knowledge of what anxiety means to me and how I need to deal with it and how that can positively affect every other part of my life.”


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