Desiree Sleep Science Success Story

Desiree identified herself as an “insomniac” and tried everything she could think of to fix it over the course of 17 years.  Prescription medication and over the counter drugs, homeopathic remedies and any sleep aid you could think of.   She did this in addition to various other tactics to solve her sleep like expensive bedding and mattresses to meditation, binaural beats and cutting out caffeine.

Despite having tried everything, nothing she tried fixed her sleep because she remained in a cycle of fear and anxiety.  She confesses she “took the easy way out” by relying on medication instead of getting to the root of the problem. 

“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was very scattered. I was highly medicated so would get some good nights, but regardless of getting good sleep or not I would wake up a zombie.” 

Now having successfully completed the program at Sleep Science Academy, Desiree says her  sleep is so much better and more consistent and that she is no longer afraid.  Now she wakes up feeling much less like a zombie and much more like a human.  Sleep no longer takes over her whole world the way it used to. 

Upon starting the program, it took about 2 weeks to wean off of her medication and get some tools under her belt.  She quickly grasped an understanding of what she was doing and saw improvement in her sleep within the first week.  

“After 2-3 weeks I was sleeping 1000x better and off of all my medications. By week 3 I was astounded I could sleep on my own.”

“I can’t believe that in just 3 weeks I was able to sleep on my own without any medication.”

Desiree took the program at Sleep Science Academy very seriously.  She completely devoted herself to doing the work and spent time on it everyday.  She was able to take action and implement everything suggested on a daily basis. 

She says of the team working at Sleep Science Academy:

“Everyone was so friendly, educated and non-judgemental.  I did my end of the job and SSA did their end.  It was a really wonderful experience.  I highly recommend.”

Improving her sleep has improved her life in every way.  It not only changed the way she slept, but changed how she interacted with her days. 

Sleep Science Academy is more like an intense life coaching program and getting good sleep is just one of the bi-products”. 

Recommends to anyone who has any kind of sleep issue big or small.  Or anyone who is looking to pick up some life skills! 

As you’re starting in the program, Desiree has 3 suggestions:

  1. Take the program seriously.  
  2. Be vulnerable and honest with yourself.  Be open to learning about yourself. 
  3. This is possible! You just have to trust their process.