Dayle’s Sleep Science Success Story

Dayle tried many things to deal with her long-lasting insomnia.  She tried therapy, medications, supplements, CBT-I, diet changes and exercise to the extreme. Things might have helped here and there, but nothing worked to cure her insomnia. 

For over 20 years Dayle worked to find a solution but realized nothing she tried addressed the problem in a holistic way.  

For a year before coming to Sleep Science Academy Dayle was sleeping just 3-4 hours a night

The holistic approach of Sleep Science Academy was just what Dayle had needed to get to the root cause of her insomnia.  Now she is seeing more and more nights of sleeping through the night and getting 6-8 hours of sleep

Almost right away Dayle noticed a change in her daytime thoughts and feelings. She was quickly able to let go of her anxiety and ruminating thoughts she had previously had around sleep.  She stuck with it, and with consistency she saw significant improvement in her sleep after 8-10 weeks.  

“I learned I have to be patient.  Keep doing the work, keep trusting the program and you start to see these shifts that are amazing!”

Dayle had a great experience working with Sleep Science Academy and felt very supported in her one-on-one coaching sessions and her work with Devin during Office Hours.

“Devin is a great leader and has a wonderful approach.”  

Having improved her sleep, Dayle is no longer held back by fatigue, worry or stress about sleep. She’s resumed her social life and engagement with her family.

“I’m living my life! I don’t think about sleep.” 

She recommends the program to anyone who has struggled with their sleep and thinks their problem is resistant to any kind of treatment.  She believes the global approach provides the right kind of support, compassion and understanding to give people the help they need.  

As you begin working with Sleep Science Academy, Dayle recommends that you:

“Keep an open mind. Let go of any preconceived notions.  Trust the process and trust the program.”