Cory’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Combat to Peace

Trying to work through a prolonged sleep issue, Cory tried a variety of tools and techniques to combat the issue. He was trying to “solve the problem” with effort.  Unsuccessful efforts led to anxiety, tension, and discouragement. 

“My sleep was very forceful.  It was a buildup of anxiety and anticipation before it was time to sleep.”

Sleep Science Academy helped him take a more mindful and thoughtful approach to what he had been treating as a problem.  Taking a more gentle approach, Cory shifted from forcing to accepting through the content of the program and the help of his coach. He now approaches his sleep routine with patience and mindfulness, accepting whatever the night brings. 

“I was very skeptical coming in that I would receive information I hadn’t already tackled…being well read in sleep and meditation, Buddhism and mindfulness.  But the Sleep Science Academy content is powerful and well put together.”

Cory has been able to shift his approach to sleep from forceful to peaceful acceptance.  He recommends the program to anyone dealing with sleep issues, anxiety, control issues or any type of fear or stress in their life and advises that they “be willing to dive in and question the things you think you know. This will allow you to achieve the things the program offers.” 

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