Chris’ Sleep Science Success Story

Chris had weeks of good sleep, and weeks of horrible sleep.  He felt like his sleep was unpredictable and inconsistent.  He tried everything from doctors visits, OTC medications and supplements to improve his sleep but nothing seemed to work.  

“I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.”

He would spend his days worrying about sleep and how he would get through the next day if he couldn’t sleep.  This started a vicious cycle of worrying about sleep and therefore not sleeping.  

Within just a few weeks of joining Sleep Science Academy, Chris’ sleep went back to normal. 

“The course taught me that sleep wasn’t my problem.  It helped me get to the root of the problem.” 

Working with his coach at Sleep Science Academy was in itself a stress relieving experience for Chris.  He felt supported and encouraged.

Now, Chris is back to living his life and not always worrying about sleep.  He finally feels free. He can live the life he wants to.

He recommends the program at Sleep Science Academy to anyone who wants to get their sleep back to normal. He says it works because it gets to the root of the problem instead of covering up the problem with band aid fixes. 

“Be patient! Sleeping is not the real problem, it’s the result of the problem.  You need to find out what the real issue is.”