Eric’s Sleep Science Success Story

Eric felt he was in a constant battle with his sleep.  In a state of constant misery, he would try to obtain sleep by using 3 different prescription medications that he would alternate between during the week.  

He realizes now, that medications didn’t work for him because it wasn’t addressing the core issue of his insomnia and failed to consider other aspects of his life.  

Before Sleep Science Academy, Eric would sleep 4-6 hours a night.  

“It was draining and affecting so many different areas of my life.”

While working with Sleep Science Academy, Eric opened himself up to trying new things and take on a new approach to how he was addressing his sleep.  Between the training videos and personal coaching sessions, Eric was able to implement new tools and strategies and now no longer worries about sleep.  Now, he’s sleeping 8+ hours a night.

Eric started seeing improvement with his sleep almost immediately.  It was a journey of ups and downs, but despite personal stress in his life, he was able to work through the program and manage his underlying stressors as well as regain his ability to sleep naturally.

Eric says his experience with Sleep Science Academy was just what he needed.  He enjoyed the pacing of the videos and the support of a personal coach.   

“I’ve been really happy with the program.  It gave me a lot of tools.”

Now that Eric is sleeping, he is back to living his life and not held back by the mental barriers of not sleeping both in his personal and professional life. 

He recommends program to anyone who has been affected by insomnia and who feels like they have tried everything and have lost hope.  

“When you’re in the spot of thinking there’s nothing new you can learn, I invite you to try this out!”

He’s found SSA to be both liberating and empowering.  The tools he learned through the program helped him to take back control of his life. 

Starting out, Eric recommends you have an open mind.

“Everything will be ok!  This program helps you so that you can help yourself.”