Cheryl’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Despair to Restorative Sleep



Cheryl an executive leadership coach discovered Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic maintenance insomnia (not being able to stay asleep.) She didn’t want to take sleeping medication and recalled asking her husband, “Am I ever going to wake up and not feel tired?” Being a coach and believing in the power of coaching she thought there must be something out there for people with sleep issues like me who don’t want to take and rely on sleeping medications.

“Before working with Sleep Science Academy my sleep was very disjointed. I would often wake up in the middle of the night and be up for 1-3 hours then wake up early and not be able to get back to sleep. I thought it was what I was stuck with for life.”

Cheryl followed the program step-by-step, she showed up to her coaching session open and coachable and began to make progress after just a few weeks. Applying the tools she learned Cheryl was able to move past the chronic midnight wakings and begin to be able to get 7.5 hours consistently waking up feeling refreshed, energized and happier.

“Being able to get a consistent 7.5 hours of restorative sleep has increased my creativity, productively and engagement at work and has really helped me get unstuck in many other areas of my life.

This program is designed for someone who is not happy with the amount or the quality of sleep they are getting. The tools are all there and there is an abundance of them… it’s all there for you. There is hope this is not something you have to suffer with.”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Cheryl is healthier, happy, and more productive than she has been in years.

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