Cassie’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Cassie suffered from insomnia for a year before reaching out to Sleep Science Academy.  She was averaging 3 hours a night, and says:

“Most days I felt like I was a dumpster fire.”

After just a few weeks working with Sleep Science Academy, Cassie’s sleep began to improve.  

Before joining Sleep Science Academy, Cassie tried supplements, prescription medication as well as physically exhausting herself in an effort to sleep.  These things didn’t work for her because she was physically trying to solve a thinking problem.  

Now, her sleep is normal and peaceful once again.  She saw improvement in her sleep after just a few weeks in the program, and is now sleeping naturally 7-8 hours a night. 

Cassie describes her experience with the team at Sleep Science Academy as “awesome.” 

“They cared genuinely for my sleep achievement and it showed.  Each call had a depth to them in the way they asked questions and followed up afterwards.” 

She says the program is for anyone ready to overcome their insomnia.  She recommends trusting that you can get to the other side and to do the work to get there! 

“My sleep is better and my energy is up which allows me to paint more and do all the things I love, like working out and exuding more joy and love to [those] around me.”