Carla’s Sleep Science Success Story

Carla struggled with insomnia for 35 years.  She tried numerous sleep aids, both over the counter and prescriptions strength, lotions and oils, baths before bed and breathing exercises.  Nothing was long lasting and would only help minimally.  She realizes now she wasn’t addressing the root of the problem.  These were just band aid fixes. 

Before starting the program at Sleep Science Academy, Carla says her sleep was very poor.  It was sporadic and she would be up most of the night after just a few hours of sleep.

Carla recalls it took a week or two before started noticing a positive change in her sleep. 

Now my sleep is awesome.  Much better than it was. It’s a lot better in quality.  My goal is to continue working at the skills that I’ve learned.” 

Improving her sleep has improved her mood, helped her be a nicer person, and enabled her to be more focused throughout the day.  “I’m a nicer person to be around.  I didn’t like who I was before.” 

“Everyone at Sleep Science Academy was very welcoming and accommodating.  Everyone was very understanding and open to helping me.” 

Carla recommends to program to anyone who is committed and ready to get some sleep! But it takes a lot of work and you have to be ready to do what it takes and be consistent.  

Her advice to anyone starting out on their journey to solving their sleep is to trust the process and stay curious!  It will happen.  It takes time and you just have to be patient.

“It was an awesome experience.  I’m so glad I found the academy.  After 35 years of not sleeping, it’s been a blessing to find Sleep Science Academy.”