Bob’s Sleep Success Story

Bob’s insomnia reached it’s peak during the stress and worry associated with the pandemic.  Prescription medication worked for a while, until he got Covid and real anxiety kicked in. The pills would make him drowsy but he knew he needed to restructure his mind in order to sleep.  Read on to discover Bob’s success story and Sleep Science Academy review. 

“I thought I was broken. I stopped sleeping and would spend my nights wandering around the house.”

Before joining Sleep Science Academy, it wasn’t uncommon for Bob to go 2-3 days with getting little to no sleep

Bob started to see improvement in his sleep after just a few weeks in the program.  

Attending office hours, watching the modules and doing the work has resulted in his now getting an average of 6-8 hours a night. 

“My experience with Sleep Science Academy was extremely positive. Everything was positive.” 

Improving his sleep improved his life because he’s able to focus during the day due to sleeping at night.  He was able to find the balance between his home and work life that he’d been seeking. 

Bob recommends the program to anybody who has any form of not being able to sleep, no matter what type of insomnia they have. He advises anyone joining

 to dive into the modules and do the work consistently.  

“Become a student to understand the how and why you don’t sleep.  The problem is not your sleep.  Sleep is just a result of your mindset.  Once you get a good mindset you just fall right to sleep.”