Ben’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From 10 Years of Medication to Falling Asleep Naturally

Sleep for Ben had been a stressful experience for many years. He was consistently experiencing multiple days in a row of less than 4 hours of sleep.  He was depressed, stressed and miserable due to his belief that he “was doomed to have terrible sleep the rest of his life.”

“I just kept increasing my sleep medication to knock me out.”

Ben knew he was in a negative cycle that he needed to escape from.  That’s when he found Sleep Science Academy. After 5 weeks of working in the program, Ben started to see results.  His stress level greatly decreased, and Ben no longer feels depressed or anxious.  On the contrary, Ben says he now “feels confident and has a much better attitude overall”.

Ben believes he would be in such a terrible place if he had decided to not join the Sleep Science Academy program and is glad he said “yes!” to the support.

Now Ben is sleeping 7-8 hours every single night and falling asleep naturally, which he hasn’t been able to do in 10 years.  


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